About Us

 Jody Davis, head designer and fabric artist, is taking hair fashions to a new level with this magnetic innovation and stunning design. Frustrated by cheap, mass-produced hair accessories, Jody sought to create a product for herself and her two daughters that is both beautiful and customizable, while allowing each of them to express their distinct personalities.Madame Posy designs stylish, magnetic hair accessories that allow women and girls to express their individuality with pop-on, pop-off floral creations made of the highest quality fabrics. Each signature product, called a “Pop-on Posy” has a hidden, patent-pending magnetic innovation that allows it to be easily removed by the wearer but is virtually impossible to knock off. Our Products are filling a consumer need for a hair accessory line that is higher in quality and style for a more discerning style-conscious customer. 

“Pop-on Posies” are available in a range of styles and color stories for girls and women. Posies sold individually and in starter sets. 

We design and manufacture a majority of our products in the United States.

We started our business at local events and fairs in 2013 and can now be found in 15 shops in New England and growing!


We are proud supporters of local businesses and source our materials and labor from the local area.


To contact us:

Madam Posy Design

PO BOX 300

Ipswich, MA 01938